QuickBooks Keyboard Shortcuts

General Key
To start QuickBooks without a company file CTRL + double-click
Display information about QuickBooks F2
Cancel ESC
Close QuickBooks Alt + F4
Date Key
Next day +
Previous day
Today T
First day of the Week W
Last day of the weeK K
First day of the Month M
Last day of the montH H
First day of the Year Y
Last day of the Continue reading

QuickBooks Year-End Guide

  • Reconcile all bank and credit card accounts.
  • Review your year-end bank reconciliations for old outstanding checks or deposits.
  • Verify petty cash entries are up-to-date and balance your petty cash account.
  • Review Accounts Receivable Summary and Accounts Payable Summary reports for accuracy.
  • Review Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss reports for accuracy.
  • Compare loan statements with your interest expense account in… Continue reading

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